Céline Wright


Céline Wright has managed to draw her creative energy from her multiple origins: English, French and Algerian. She grew up in Japan during ten years, which also enriched her creative universe. In 1995, Céline created her own workshop with the help of the entrepreneurial family spirit, notably that of her mother who has been living on the island of St. Louis in Paris for many years. For 20 years, she has been working at finding her place in the world of lighting and decoration and is known for her Japanese paper cocoon light forms. Céline Wright is creative and stands apart from most of her generation due to her sensitive and poetic approach, resolutely turned towards nature. Her range of pendant, wall and table lamps are completely handmade and ecological. All lamps are manufactured in France in her studio in Montreuil.

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She has a poetic approach, resolutely turned towards nature.