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Kazuhiro Yamanaka


The Japanese designer, Kazuhiro Yamanaka was born in Tokyo in 1971. Passionate about design, he became a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London in 1997.

Over the course of his career, Kazuhiro Yamanaka touches on different aspects of design. Indeed, going from the design of furniture pieces to the design and installation of lighting, the designer is very versatile.

Thanks to his know-how and his numerous creations, Kazuhiro Yamanaka is appointed Associate Professor at Tokyo Musashino Art University in 2014.

His many creations reveal a punctilious and minimalist work. Indeed, his lamps quickly become references and icons of the design. Kazuhiro Yamanaka is one of the most famous designers in Japan.

His creations seduce and take place in many art galleries around the world: London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, New York ... Indeed, the designer has participated in many international design competitions such as HKDA Design Awards in 2009 and Designboom International Design Competitions. During these competitions, the creations of the designer challenge and surprise the world.

It is therefore with a great know-how and a beautiful originality that the products of Kazuhiro Yamanaka take place in the world of lighting. Authentic and varied, these products are installed in your home by adapting very easily to your decoration and bringing a contemporary and trendy touch.

In 2017, his first major solo exhibition is held at Shanghai's Power Station of Art. The creations of Kazuhiro Yamanka have not finished to seduce you ...

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"His many creations reveal a punctilious and minimalist work."