Pablo Pardo


Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo has defined his career by creating contemporary, stripped-down, utilitarian lighting that fosters harmonious relationships between people and their environments. In doing so, he has forged a design method that strives to uncover the essence of an idea while championing the user's experience. With concepts laid bare, his objects speak a universal language.

After graduating from the University of Cincinnati's renowned industrial design program in 1986, the world of design held no secrets for Pablo.

A common thread connects all of his creations, valuing permanence and sustainability and moving away from the disposable mentality. His mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users and their environments.

Pablo works with designers who share his ideals in order to create functional, aesthetic and, above all, value-based lighting.

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"At Pablo, we believe that the right lighting can transform a space. We are committed to creating sustainable solutions that provide illumination for a lifetime."