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Contain is a Spanish house founded by Mauricio Obarrio and Juan Peralta. This lighting and furniture design studio based in Mallorca seeks to provide lighting design solutions that are both sophisticated and simple, hand-crafted and highly technical.

Contain uses natural materials such as brass, glass and hardwoods, and manufactures its products by hand.

Contain is inspired by the local culture. Its goal is to enhance the value of local materials by creating products that emphasize materiality and simplicity of form. The collections are hand-made and made to order. Contain has always been fascinated by craftsmanship and the interaction between the artisan and the designer, working with local Mallorcan workers and using blown glass from Gordiola, a local glassworks with over 300 years of history and experience. In addition, Contain works with recycled materials, such as 3D printing technology with PLA (polylactic acid or polylactide), a thermoplastic aliphatic polyester derived from renewable resources.

Contain considers that each project is different, that's why it likes to customize the finishes, the type of stone, the color of the structure, making each piece special and unique, designing new combinations for each project.

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“You are where you live.”