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Antonino Sciortino


Antonino Sciortino was born in Palermo, Italy. At the age of eight, he began to learn the blacksmith trade in his father's small workshop. Iron then became his preferred material, particularly because of its flexibility. Nevertheless, he turned to a career as a dancer and choreographer. In 2003, he began a new artistic adventure as a designer. A turning point characterized by his passion for iron, which he blends with the lightness of the air that is typical of dance.

In collaboration with Serax, he created an exclusive collection of side tables and iron dishes. The Italian designer breathes into all his creations a part of his soul. Thus, the sculptural beauty emerges from each product, all manufactured in a traditional way.
Among the luminaires published by Serax are the Inchino, Tria, Circle and Concubina collections. Minimalist creations in the "minimal baroque" style according to the designer.

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Creator with an eclectic spirit who has been able to reinterpret the ancient art of iron by working in a totally new way.
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