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Caine Heintzman


Caine Heintzman is a Canadian designer based in Vancouver.
Trained in industrial design at ECUAD and the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee, lighting was one of his early interests.

His mastery of the technical aspects of lighting and his extensive historical knowledge bring substance to his vision. While being aware of the field, its sources and its many forms, he continues to explore and innovate through his creations.

He is the founder of ANDlight with Lukas Peet and Matt Davis. He is notably the author of the Pipeline series. According to him, "Anyone working in design must have a sense of responsibility [for the environment]. We always pay attention to the materials. »
Therefore, an essential element of ANDlight is to work with environmentally friendly LED lamps.

Heintzman's vine chandelier was chosen as a finalist for a NYCxDesign Award after its debut at ICFF 2017.

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"Our primary focus is to develop forward-thinking products"
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