Davide Oppizzi

Swiss Italian

Swiss Italian Davide Oppizzi was born in 1971. As a child playing in nature, he reflected on and imitated shapes and colors in an array of imagined objects. He founded Dcube in 2001 in Geneva, specialized in the creation and development of high-end projects of lighting, design, green tech and architecture. Very quickly, he realised that there was an almost ubiquitous lack of architectural projects; no one had thought of lighting and highlighting objects or spaces with lights. Dcube then created innovative ecological lighting using new LED technologies. A world first! Leader in the domain of light to 'reveal matter', he offered numerous collections of technical and decorative lights based on low energy consumption. Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Graff and many other brands became aware of the importance of light and entrusted Dcube with haute-couture and made-to-measure commissions for their lighting projects. He created the lights Eau de lumieres for Designheure.

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Leader in the domain of light to 'reveal matter'