Enzo Panzeri


Enzo Panzeri is an Italian designer. He is the company's main designer, and considers himself a "self-taught person, with a natural attitude towards design".
Enzo Panzeri is passionate about the visual arts and has established herself as a leader in the lighting industry.

The Italian designer grew up in Monza and Brianzo, a district of excellence in design and technology in northern Italy, Enzo comes from a region where work and dedication are a great passion and where technology blends with Italian taste, which has given rise to a 500-year history of beauty research since the Renaissance.

From a very young age, Enzo joined the family company. Growing up in this environment gave him the opportunity to develop his interest in functional design.
Enzo Panzeri creates a simple and refined style with perfect mechanics, all in a linear and clean design.

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"Light has the power to influence mood, transmit emotions, change the appearance of a room. Light is the main influence of our first sight".