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Filippo Mambretti was born in Como in 1981 and attended a high school with a focus on the arts, where he had the opportunity to meet the notable Italian designer Bruno Munari. It was here that Filippo's passion for design took root. After a few years of study Filippo gained a Master’s degree in Furniture Design from the Polytechnic in Milano.

He currently works as a product, furniture, and interior designer, as well as a lecturer at SSS_AA and CSIA, two schools specialised in design and applied arts, located in Chiasso, Switzerland.

Thanks to an active and continuous collaboration with some important Italian manufacturers, his Mambrò Design Studio, founded in Chiasso in 2011, is a significant player in the flourishing European market. For Mambrò Design Studio, rediscovering and reinterpreting tradition in a contemporary climate are achieved through morphological, technical and functional innovations.

He created the Level floor lamp for Zava Luce, combining innovation and design.

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Rediscovering and reinterpreting tradition in a contemporary climate
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