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Gio Minelli


Giovanni Minelli was born in Bergamo, on December 15, 1976. During his studies at the Art School of Brera, he took classes in industrial design with D. Boriani and Roberto Semprini. The first projects born during this period of training are placed between art object and industrial design, unique pieces, which will soon be inserted in the circuit of contemporary art galleries.

He is invited to important exhibitions and presentations of the sector. This process quickly inserts it into the emerging art design brand, drawing attention to itself and getting closer to emerging Italian design companies. In addition, at a very young age, he creates unique pieces and installations for contemporary artistic events. with other Italian designers at the important project "Italian Design for Unicef", which was exhibited during the inauguration of the Italian Museum of Design in Milan (on the occasion of the triennial fair). In his works, he has united his artistic origins with technologies and research typical of industrial design.

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