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Jamo Associates

Designer, stylist

The Jamo Associates studio was created in 2000 by interior designer Norito Takahashi and interior designer Chinastu Kambayashi. Indeed, both have used their individual disciplinary perspectives and together they have opted for a unique vision that has allowed a dynamic and renowned collaboration.

Their projects are many and varied, they include interior design, layout of magazines, production of furniture and lighting and the design of showcases for shops, restaurants, hotels ... Together, they created different types of spaces aiming globally "a space where the heart moves". To succeed, they have freely changed the approach, the method and the expression according to the different projects of their clients. This studio creates unique and customized products that bring authenticity and originality to your decoration.

In 2017, the styling team led by Chinatsu Kambayashi becomes independent and becomes the Early Birds Studio. Concerning the founder of the Studio, Norito Takahasi, he rejoins the creation of the design studio EXIT Metal Work Supply which is equipped with a first class workshop. During these years, he devoted himself entirely to the design and production of furniture, equipment and accessories. In order to optimize the different demands, the designer maximizes his sense of craftsmanship. Indeed, he combines attention to detail with great ideas and precise calculations, a sense of humor and a lot of features.

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"A space where the heart moves".
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