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Lauren Van Driessche


Lauren Van Driessche is a Duch architect. Passionate about creation since childhood, she decided to make it her profession by embarking on a training as an interior designer. However, "interior design comes with a rule truck" according to her. Lauren Van Driessche wanted to unleash her creativity without being chained. Loving working with her hands, she then turned to clay and embarked on a specific training to deepen her knowledge. She experiments with different varieties of clay and working methods in order to find her own personal style.

Lauren Van Driessche is known thanks to a competition: "win your own design" by Serax and Knack Weekend magazine. She participates with her Terra Light lamp, a gift she gave to her boyfriend. The Belgian company Serax noticed this lamp with its unique design and decided to put its design into production.

Today, the Dutch architect works in many fields as varied as sculptural pieces or a functional and minimalist table service.

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"I find it fascinating to experiment with atypical materials such as terracotta, which you would associate more with flower pots than with lighting.”
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