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Luca DE BONA et Dario De Meo

Designer - Architect

Dario de Meo is a designer (born in 1982); Luca de Bona is an architect (born in 1979). Once they had accomplished their respective studies, training and initial work experience all around the world, they met up in Milan where they started collaborating, a journey together experimenting in the physical and mental realms of time, language arts and expressiveness, mixing up functions and emotions.

A double stance via tradition and innovation that transforms their approach into tangible signs of design and architecture: sensual and technological, therefore consistent with the here and now.

They work for the Italian firm, Karman Lighting, and created Metra, a custom-cut meter light, perpetually modular.

mini-2 mini-1
Sensual and technological, therefore consistent with the here and now
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