Markus et Jürgen Jehs+Laub


Markus Jehs was born in 1965 in Stuttgart and Jürgen Laub was born in 1964 in Ulm. They both met during their university studies in industrial design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung Schwäbisch Gmünd in Germany. It was after an internship in New York in 1990 that the two designers became friends.

After graduating in 1992, they co-founded their design studio jehs+laub in Stuttgart two years later. They then designed furniture and lamps for Italian companies, such as Cassina, Ycami and Nemo Lighting, which published the Crown chandelier collection. Over the years, they have expanded their cooperation with international brands such as Cassina, Fritz Hansen, Knoll International, Renz, Stelton, Davis, Schönbuch, COR and Wilkhahn. They also designed the master concept for Mercedes-Benz's global showrooms. This concept includes many interior layouts and exhibitions, such as the "Suite 606" at the famous Icehotel in northern Sweden.

According to them, the relationship between designers and manufacturers is: "as a father and mother". But who is the father? Answer from both: "The designer of course! "Laub:" And the manufacturer is the mother. It is she who must carry and develop the project in order to give birth to the common child. »

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"The function brings its own aestheticism, and this is what gives the best result. »