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Naama Hofman


The design studio Naama Hofman is created in 2010 by a young Israeli designer.
This designer was born in 1982 in Jerusalem and graduated in Industrial Design at Shenkar College of Engineering & Design in Ramat Gan in 2008.

Naama Hofman decides to specialize in minimalist lighting as well as art installations. Indeed, all his creations are characterized by clean lines and soft lights, often illuminated by small LEDs. Also, all his works are produced by local artisans, which brings a certain culture and authenticity to his products.

The designer pays particular attention to the meaning of the word "lamp". That's why she designs ambient objects that emit a soft, steady light through the spaces they occupy. Indeed, Naama Hofman believes that it is possible to surround yourself with good and durable objects, designed to inspire the way you perceive the light and what it should look like.

The Studio is characterized by its bespoke design that offers the possibility to design a light object adapted to different needs but also by but also for its contrasting and complementary work in art and design. In fact, beyond lighting, Naama Hofman produces limited editions and artistic installations.

Original products that bring character, personality and conviviality to your interior ...

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"Ambient objects diffusing a soft and regular light through the spaces they occupy ..."