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Øivind Slaatto


Øivind Slaatto is a Danish designer, born in 1978. A graduate of the Danish College of Design, Slaatto also studied music at the Royal Danish Conservatory.
Øivind Slaatto's sense of music can be found many times in his approach to the creative process. The designer Øivind Slaatto draws his inspiration from nature, which is his most important source of inspiration, creating luminaires with organic forms and exceptional design.

He is one of the most promising designers in Danish design, known for his many activities ranging from loudspeakers to cars, furniture and lighting. With a great natural sensitivity to light, Øivind Slaatto seeks to optimize the experience of light and atmosphere that regulates a room.

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"Like a musical score, Øivind Slaatto wants his designs to be appreciated in all their simplicity."