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Peter Natedal et Thomas Kalvatn Egset


Young Norwegian designers Peter Natedal and Thomas Kalvatn Egset are from families in the furniture world.

Peter Natedal is a designer with varied projects and touches the world of lighting and furniture, interior architecture or 3D modeling. Coming from a long line of furniture merchants, he is also in charge of the family furniture store. Peter Natedal graduated from the Oslo State Art Academy in 2008 with a Masters in Furniture Design and lives in Porsgrunn, Norway.

Coming from a family that has been making furniture for generations, Thomas Egset is a designer specializing in furniture. His inspiration comes from the work of his grandfather, who was a cabinetmaker. Thomas Egset received his master's degree in furniture design from the National Academy of Arts in Oslo in 2009 and moved to Oslo as an independent designer.

Sharing the same passion, the two designers team up to create the Diva collection for Northern Lighting. It is entirely made of wood that won Design Excellence in 2011.

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The association of two designers for a work of excellence
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