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Rainer Mutsch


Rainer grew up in his father's carpenter's studio surrounded by furniture. He develops a conscience of the responsible designer. Rainer studied furniture design at Denmark Design Skole in Copenhagen, in product design at the University of the Arts in Berlin, and graduated in design from the Vienna University of Applied Arts.

He started as a senior designer at Werner Aisslinger in Berlin for several years. In 2008 he created his own design studio with a focus on product design in Vienna.

The designer has come to focus on material combinations and advanced manufacturing and design techniques to utilize resources more efficiently. Son but is to put forward the designated goal to a given product.

The essence of his creative work is to connect to the emotions and infuse the room you are passionately working on so that his mind warns when he persists.
Rainer creates high quality, customized products for its customers that meet everyone's needs.

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The essence of creative work is to connect to emotions