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Remedios SimÓn


Remedios Simón is a Spanish designer. She graduated in Fine Arts from the faculty in Valencia. At that point she was free to pursue her chosen specialty from the onset of her career: sculpture.

The discovery of volumes, spaces, textures, materials, screws, rivets, etc. completely changed her definitions. Whatever she touched took on a solid form with defined shapes. It was the beginning of a new life; she seemed to be professionally blooming at that time. Up to that moment, her conception of design had been reduced to thematic billboards. "Should I work or should I design?”

After having being honored with several awards, project grants and contest selections, she entered the third phase of her life as a university teacher at the Design School of Alcoy. Furthermore, she discovered that she had inherited her father's pragmatism, a propensity for the functionality of things. Her dad became her Cicerone; she was introduced little by little into the world of industrial estates, which she looked at with curiosity and intrigue.

"An understanding of others is essential to my unpredictable career. There are so many things and processes to learn and experiment with! What inspires me? What are my influences? Everything, I guess.”

She works with the Spanish brand LZF for whom she created the Spiro lamp.

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What inspires me? What are my influences? Everything, I guess.