Serge Mouille


Serge Mouille was born in Paris in 1922. Very early on, he developed a passion for drawing and discovered the art of metalworking alongside his mentor Gabriel Lacroix at the Ecole Superieur des Arts Appliqués. During those years, he worked for large goldsmith firms where he acquired international renown. He is a craftsman, teacher, and passionate for lights. The meeting with Jacques Adnet, director of the French Compagnie des Arts in 1951 was a turning point in his life: the creation of the three-arm lamp changed his status from master craftsman to creative artist. The famous range Formes Noires with very lightweight stands brought him into the realm of the top designers. Serge Mouille died in 1988. He is considered one of the biggest lamp designers of the 20th century. His widow, Gin, limited the number of his creations produced in the 50s and 60s. Today, only the original brand Serge Mouille can reproduce his lamps, perpetuating his art of the period.

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His timeless designs have become iconic works of art.