Silje Nesdal

Finnish woman
Architec - designer

Born in 1982, Silje Nesdal in the Norwegian fjords, a community rich in textile and handicraft heritage, which inspires her a lot, she manages to combine new and older techniques at the same time.
Silje holds a bachelor's degree in textile design from Collage University in Oslo, and has worked in the fashion industry in Oslo and Japan.
After that, she obtained a master's degree in furniture design and interior design from the Academy of Arts and Design in Bergen and the Alvar Aalto University in Helsink.
This designer made her debut in the Northern House with her mouth-blown glass pendant lamp called Reveal.
Silje Nesdals' design is very inspired by both the Finnish and Japanese worlds; everything is done in the refined with simple and subtle forms

mini-2 mini-1
she likes to combine the Finnish and Japanese worlds"