Studio Little Lights


The Studio Little Lights is composed by Patrycja Dołęgowska-Stefaniak and Krzysztof Stefaniak who are Polish cinema experts, they are passionate by design and they decided to create their own brand in 2016.

Patrycja is influenced by her mother who is also passionate about art, graphism and paint. Patrycja felt in love with lighting in the shape of letters in metal, she wanted to do it but with wood to avoid the “raw” side of the metal.

Even though, they didn’t go to a design school, they still have a huge interest in lighting especially because it is important for the vibe of a room. Indeed, a smooth lightning with an animal shape will automatically bring a warm vibe to the room! The Stefaniak couple has 2 girls, Lilka and Róża: they are great artists with a huge imagination, perfect to help their parents to get new designs!

mini-2 mini-1
“Every Little Lights lamp is a dream that we realized”