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Studio Pool


Pool was founded in 2010 by Léa Padovani (1981) and Sébastien Kieffer (1982). It is a design studio based in Paris.

Things started for the duo with the New Wave exhibition in Milan in 2011 and then the VIA (Design Promotional Body) awarded them a label for their recessed ceiling lighting system.
These different facets of their work serve to stimulate the multidisciplinary reflection around the artisanal collaboration, which is present at each stage of the realization of a project. Thus, the clean lines that characterize the play of volumes find their physical form through an exchange, with POOL which supervises the various skills to the finished product.

Some of our clients: Petite Friture, Habitat, CVL contract, Cassina, Perfect Future, La Redoute, Coffee extract, Versant edition, La Chance.

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