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Studio Vibeke Skar


Belgian designer Jens Praet was born in 1983. After completing his education in Italy and The Netherlands, he opened his design studio in 2007 near Florence, Italy where he works and experiments on a variety of new products. Praet’s design is characterised by a passion for everyday objects and materials, a combination of old and new. He finds inspiration in unexpected details and daily issues, which then become the starting point in the design process.

Norwegian designer Vibeke Skar was born in 1983. She began her studies in Italy and subsequently worked at Frost Produkt while attending the Oslo School of Architecture and Design. She received her Master’s degree in 2009 and then created her own studio.

The two young designers Vibeke Skar and Jens Praet joined their strengths in 2010 to create the Evergreen pendant light. These two talents have in common the ability to blend the old with the new, to propose a passionate approach in which the details have their importance.

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The ability to blend the old with the new