Studio Wever&Ducré


Wever & Ducre is one of the most famous designer groups who have been creating architectural lighting for the past 25 years. These lamps of high quality are recognized worldwide. In the early 80s, a handful of young Belgians decided to create their own lighting business. The Wever & Ducre studio shot to success from the start offering modern and contemporary lighting. In 2011, Wever & Ducre joined the famous XAL group. Since then, the organization has benefited from the group collective knowledge regarding different technologies. "We have renovated who we are." Continually looking for new ways to illuminate, the Wever & Ducre brand has made innovation its trademark. Ensuring optimal brightness, they ensure a better quality of life for all their clients. These contemporary and original fixtures are part of our times. Ideal for all projects, restaurants and hotels.

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"We have renovated who we are."