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Creation date

Born in Canada, ANDLight is a brand specialized in the field of lighting.

It aims to create products that are transparent; with an authentic approach to the design process, production, and the way of conducting business: ANDlight has established itself as a core brand since its launch in 2013.
It was founded by Caine Heintzman, Matt Davis and Lukas Peet to provide a way for new design concepts. They all bring a unique perspective, personality, and experience to lighting design.

The brand offers timeless lightings that are characterized by their form and reliability; refined by their aesthetics, with a cleverly applied touch of playfulness. It is to them that we owe them the collections of Button, Pebble and Pipeline lighting.

ANDlight lightings are designed, built, and assembled in their hometown in Vancouver, Canada.

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“Versatility is key to us; and we believe that if necessary, elements of flexibility can improve the quality of a product”