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Atelier Robotiq


Atelier Robotiq is a design studio in Rotterdam, founded by the designers Soren Blomaard, Dimitrios Lakovou and Anne-Lise Heydra.

To them three, they opt for an approach that resides in the varied combination of knowledge and their different backgrounds combining aerospace engineering, product design, fine arts and robotics. A different approach to design that gives a unique combination to unexpected and exciting products.
The first works are fibre-patterned lamps: A series of Fiber-patterned lamps in iridescent filaments inspired by dragonfly wings using an industrial robot.

However, the studio Atelier Robotiq are working on new lighting designs as well as furniture and installations. They have built and programmed their own used industrial robot (former welding robot of the automotive industry), adapted to tailor-made wheels, the ultra-light lamps pour with the lightest breath of a breeze, throwing phosphorescent reflections and furrowed shadows.

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Aerospace engineering, product design, fine arts and robotics at the service of design