Serge Mouille

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Serge Mouille was the famous lighting creator of the 50s. His widow, Gin Mouille, decided to sell copies of lighting by her late husband in 1999, creating Editions Serge Mouille with Claude Delpiroux, manager of the company. She brought out a numbered quantity of models sold with a certificate of authenticity, but unfortunately, she died in 2009. From the beginning, the objective was to maintain respect for the spirit of craftsmanship in conformity to the originals - shape, size and color. As Serge Mouille never wanted to move into industrial production, his creations are replicated in the quality of the master with hand finishing. The search for authenticity, respect for the original work, know-how and manufacturing processes are the essential values of Editions Serge Mouille. The collection includes 35 models - floor lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and desk lamps, available in black and more rarely in white.

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Supplied with numbered models and a certificate of authenticity