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13&9 is a product design firm created in 2013 in Austria, based on the partnership between the 2015 designer of the magazine Contract, architect Martin Lesjak, CEO of INNOCAD Architecture and designer Anastasia Su.
This group is both a design studio for international companies such as WEVER & DUCRÉ and its own brand that designs, produces and sells its own products. The team's fruitful collaboration with specialized partners has resulted in achievements in the fields of furniture, lighting, floor coverings, fashion, accessories and art objects, as well as exhibition and sound design projects.

Bringing together architecture, interior design, product design, fashion and sound design, they exhibited their various works in New York and Chicago (USA), Shenzhen (China), Taipei (Taiwan), London (United Kingdom), Milan and Venice (Italy), Berlin and Cologne (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland) and Graz (Austria).

"Our objective is to strengthen the link between the product and the individual; in addition, we seek to convey the creative energy of the label in each product, which we hope provides a window into the core values of 13&9 Design as a group and what we represent individually and collectively," explains Martin Lesjak, founder and partner.
Thanks to a wide range of influences, the overall results are unique designs that combine functional needs and innovations with a conceptual aesthetic that also offers an emotional component, adding to the value of the product, the "soul" of 13&9 Design.

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"Our objective is to strengthen the link between the product and the individual."
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