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Bernhardt & Vella

Italian & German
Designer, Artist

Bernhardt & Vella is a collaboration between two artists, an Italian interior designer and a German artist. In 2008, they pooled their work to form this collaboration and found their design office. The fact that they are of two different origins: Italian and German, allows them to have different artistic visions.

To be able to release new collections, they are based on benchmarks from around the world, from the art world. From this starting point, they do not hesitate to create their own style, a recognizable style, but always unique.
From decorative objects to houses, they like to create contrasts, experimenting with color mixes. Despite their different cultural origins, they manage to find a point of agreement by creating a unique and harmonious style.

They are known for having designed Amulette lights for the Italian house Fabbian.

mini-2 mini-1
“Create contrasts by experimenting with color mixes; here is their philosophy”
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