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Jean-Louis Domecq

Mechanic and designer

Jean-Louis Domecq was born in France in 1920. Famous French designer with a worldwide notoriety, he is first of all, the founder of the french lighting brand Jieldé.

A mechanic in the 40’s, he always faced the same and repetitive problem: lack of light. Then, he draws a lamp for industrial use to allow him to exercise his work properly. The Jieldé lamp emerge in 1950… It is an adaptable and robust lamp that is totally adopted from factories and workshops.

The drop of the industry arrives, the production fall, but the lamp still keeps its potential. It pleases to collectors and design lovers thanks to its form, function, material, use, technique…

Jean-Louis Domecq decides to reach the general public at the early 90’s, the Jieldé lamps leave the industry circle for the inside of homes. New models will enhance the lightings range for instance the lamp Signal and the lamp Lak.

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Founder of the French lightings brand Jieldé.