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Karen Gilbert et Paul Pavlak


Karen Gilbert is an American craftsman, goldsmith and jeweler. As design director at Sklo, the designer brings her intuitive understanding of craftsmanship and manufacturing. In her work, Karen Gilbert works on the design and prototyping of Sklo's collections. Indeed, its process extends from drawing to painting, to metal fabrication.

The designer is very famous for her glass products. The latter was trained in metallurgy and glass work at California College of Art and Pilchuk Glass School. For all her creations, the designer can be inspired by the unique languages ​​and shapes of the natural and artificial worlds. Karen Gilbert is always looking for the unexpected.

Paul Pavlak is also an architect and an American designer. As a couple, the two designers work within Sklo Studio. While his wife is design director, Paul Pavlak is busy refining and editing the many ideas found in Sklo Studio's collections. Indeed, for all the products in the collection, Paul Pavlak provides technical documentation and attention to the different details.

For the designer, product design, lighting design, graphic design and web design are many extensions of the same idea. Paul Pavlak has a philosophy of his own: the design is based on the honesty of the materials, the expression of the process and the simplicity.

By combining their skills, the designer couple creates authentic, original products that appeal to the most important decoration brands. Contemporary, trendy and harmonious; the lamps designed by these two designers become true icons of design.
At SkLO, in collaboration with his wife and SkLO design director, Karen Gilbert, he is working to refine and edit the many ideas that go into SkLO collections, providing technical documentation and attention to detail. Paul also provides the vision for the graphic design and appearance of the SkLO brand.

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"The design is based on the honesty of the materials, the expression of the process and the simplicity."