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Marie-Lise Féry

Founder of Magic Circus Editions, Designer

Marie-Lise Féry is a designer and founder of the French company Magic Circus Editions. Born in Paris, she studied art trading, then studied in New York City. When she is back in France, in Lyon, it is in her antique gallery, Un château en Espagne, that she begins to tell stories from gleaned objects.
Since the creation of Magic Circus Éditions in 2015, Marie-Lise Féry has been telling her stories in lights, so that the magic of the stage can enter our interiors. This circus, cabaret and music-hall enthusiast has continued to stage unique objects by proposing those from her imagination. Her desire is to create visual shocks with humor and lightness.

She works with the best European craftsmen: from Prague to Murano, via Clermont-Ferrand. Several elements are at the service of a creation that evokes surprise and wonder: refined shapes and finishes, custom-made and excellence of know-how.

Marie-Lise Féry designs her lamps with the aim of creating surprise, alternating the illusion of aerial compositions with XXL dimensions, playing with implicit references. Each collection has its own inspiration: from the urban lighting of yesteryear for Collection 01 to the festive memories of carnivals for the new Balloon collection, and the fantasized Far East for Collection 02. The Pop-Up collection launched in 2019 is reminiscent of the glossy polychromy of the 1970s.

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"When an object has a soul, it always finds its place."