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Markus Jonhasson


The designer Markus Johansson born in 1982 in Sweden. Having always been passionate about design, he decided to pursue his studies in this field. In 2011, he graduated from HDK (School of Design and Crafts) in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Markus Johansson continues his career by creating a design studio in his name in which he develops, in collaboration with Swedish and international manufacturers, furniture, lighting, graphics and design objects for daily use.

In his design studio, Markus Johansson tries to make design objects that have been inspired by several Scandinavian environments such as the city, the forest or the island archipelagos in front of Stockholm. For him, the goal is to unite the function with unusual constructions and shapes in order to make everyday life as pleasant as possible and to create aesthetic objects.

For him, design is a perfect combination of function and form of construction that transmits emotions by affecting the human being but simultaneously improving everyday experiences.

In collaboration with many Swedish and international design companies, Markus Johansson has the opportunity to exhibit his creations and expand his community. Over the course of his career, he has already won numerous awards and many of his creations are exhibited in major art museums such as the New York Museum of Art and Design.

Markus Johansson works daily on the development and development of new products. He is constantly on the hunt for the new design and trend object. Products as attractive as each other ...

Markus Johansson is a true icon of design.

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"Design is a perfect combination of function and form of construction that convey emotions"
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