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Rune Krøjgaard & Knut Bendik Humlevik


Knut Bendik Humlevik was born in 1984 in Bergen, Norway and graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of the Copenhagen School of Architecture.

Knut is deeply interested in the integrity and dynamics of his creations. The use of form in its design is an image of the traditional Scandinavian style based on the natural materials. For him, design is the balance of a product.

Its meticulousness for detail gives the products exceptional finishes filled with functionality and comfort. Due to his contemporary artistic style and expertise, he has managed to merge his international inspiration with his Scandinavian roots.

Rune Krøjgaard was born in 1980 in Herning, Denmark. His works are particularly characterized by his great understanding of materials and their properties. A profound fascination for individual lines and pure lines, combined with a marked taste for current trends, forms the mark of his drawings. It is often inspired by the constructive solutions of heavy industry to adapt them into relevant products.

In 2007, Knut Bendik created KR with Rune Krøjgaard. Together, they design products characterized by their function and purity while maintaining a good understanding of everyday life. For Knut and Rune, aesthetics and comfort are the key elements of their creations. Their work has been exhibited in numerous Nordic and international exhibitions. They work for the Norr11 brand and design elegant and original lightings.

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"Design is seing the new possibilities through forms and simplicity"
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