Studio Burojet


Egbert-Jan Lam was born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, in 1971. In 1994 he graduated in architectural engineering from Alkmaar and in 1999 he obtained a degree in design from the Design Academy in Eindhoven. In 2001, Egbert-Jan created BuroJET.

Egbert-Jan has participated in several international design exhibitions with Droog design based in Amsterdam and the Design Academy Eindhoven, to name just a few. His work has been exhibited in Milan, New York, Hong Kong and London. In 2003 and 2008, Egbert-Jan received a grant from the government for the development of his work. In 2005, he moved to the city of Arnhem and began working with his colleague designer Jorine Oosterhoff.

Since 2007, he works as an independent designer, with a practical approach and a passion for design. BuroJET designs and develops own-brand concepts and products, as well as for domestic and international contractors and manufacturers.

BuroJET's designs focus mainly on the areas of architectural products, tableware, and interior design. Egbert-Jan also teaches product design at the Artez Institute in Arnhem, the Netherlands. He believes that design is: the relationship between humans and objects. Although he is extremely passionate and serious in his work, Egbert-Jan never forgets that humor is an important part of life.

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« Design is the relation between people and objects. »