Studio Lucid

Design agency

Two passionate of design are at the head of the Spanish Studio Lúcid: Marc Fabra and Pol A. Fantoba. This design studio is based in Barcelona and consists of a young and dynamic team with approximately a dozen people.

This studio is especially known for their innovative products as well as their advices about communication. The principal purpose of this company is to design qualitative and innovative products as well as creating a trust and strong commitment relationship with brands. Thanks to their support, their ideas and their advices.

According to them, three main pillars form a success of a business: the company, the product and the brand. These three pillars lead to the design of a good product.

Thanks to hard work, the studio Lúcid has won several awards like: Good Design Awards & European Product Design.

This notoriety drives the design agency to collaborate with famous decoration house like Faro, Comas & Partners and many others.

The studio Lúcid strength comes from their way of thinking the design which is always at the heart of their concerns. According to them, every product must be translated by a drawing. “We think by the pencil and we communicate by the pen”. A quote who explain perfectly the priority to create et design products.

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“A product requires a perfect harmony between technique and creativity”.