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The Nendo studio is created by Japanese designer Oki Sato. Born in 1977 in Toronto, this designer studied architecture at Waseda University in Tokyo and graduated in 2002. It was the same year that the Nendo studio was born in Tokyo.

Today, the Nendo studio has an international reputation and has offices in Tokyo and Milan. "Nendo" means "play dough", this name perfectly illustrates the spirit of the designer who wants to have great flexibility and the power to reinvent himself. In his creations, Oki Sato is inspired by the Japanese style to create contemporary, authentic and original products. Also, the philosophy of the designer is to transform the interactions of individuals with the objects that surround them by creating daily products.

The creations of the studio Nendo seduce by their clean forms as well as by the conviviality that they bring to your interior. In addition, the products created by Oki Sato are always accompanied by a touch of humor, which makes the products original and varied.

In 2003, Oki Sato presents its first exhibition in Tokyo and Milan. Following this, he is rewarded several times with different awards like German Design, Good Design Award ... Always more popular, in 2012, he is named Designer of the Year by Wallpaper magazine.

The creations of the studio Nendo seduce and are exhibited in several places such as the Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London or the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris ... Let yourself be tempted by the creations of the studio Nendo and illuminate your interior with decorative and unique objects!

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"Great flexibility and the power to reinvent themselves."
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