Creation date

Based from the initials « J L D » of its founder Jean-Louis Domecq, the Jieldé French house started at the early 50’s. Originally for a professional use in the industrial sector, the Jieldé lamps are characterized today by their timeless, strong and articulated side.

Thanks to their simple and functional design, the « standard » lamps quickly become the preferred illumination tool of factories and others workshops. From 1990, the Jieldé design lamps take their place in houses and reach the general public. Their raw and innovative design have a great success. The famous lamp, without cables in its articulations, is declined in several finishes and colors. It adopts the name « Loft », it becomes a flagship product and therefore signs its end in the industrial world.

Faithful to the manufacture of its creations, all the Jieldé lightings are hand-made in France, in Lyon area workshops since their foundation. A know-how that remains the strong and essential point of this vintage brand that has survived across the time in a timeless way.

The Jieldé brand has enhanced its products range over the years with singular and entirely metallic lightings that perfectly find their place in all the styles of interior.

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A trendy 100% French brand who lives since the industrial age.