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Ay Lin Heinen et Nelson Sepulveda


Ay Lin Heinen and Nelson Sepulveda are the main designers of Ay Illuminate. Ay Lin co-owner of the company with her husband Casper Heinen has been a driving force in developing the relationships they have developed with craft communities from the very beginning of the brand's creation.

Nelson has also been ambitious in this field since joining the company, his desire is to develop lightings that open up new perspectives in terms of design. Ay Lin began working with craftspeople specialized in basket weaving techniques in Indonesia to create a baskets line. During her initial trip, she worked with local craftsmen for weeks to refine the products.

Nelson expresses his desire to have a positive impact on the world in this way. These collaborations often allow Nelson and Ay Lin to find themselves on the ground alongside the craftsmen they have identified as the craftsmen of the highest quality they can find. The best way for them to work with any raw material.

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