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Studio Servomuto

Designer, achitect

In 2007, a common passion brought together two designers: Alessandro Poli and Francesca De Giorgi. Both decided to create a design studio in Milan, Servomuto.

Both designers have experiences in graphic design as well as in architecture. Their respective knowledge creates a perfect synergy to push the limits of classic Italian lighting design. To design their products, the duo is inspired by vintage textiles, recovered materials, ornaments but also old army blankets with velvet theater curtains ... For them, each piece of archive has a particular emotion. Indeed, the creations made by this studio are made with the best techniques and materials. Their pieces are of quality and stand the test of time.

Studio Servomuto is specialized in the creation of shades. Indeed, since the 1960s, in the South of Italy, he manufactures shades exclusively made by hand from the beginning to the end. In order to ensure exclusivity to their customers, each of their designs have a very limited performance.

The products created by Studio Servomuto are unique and very original. With classic lamp shades, contemporary prints and unusual fabric combinations, the products are familiar and modern. With its creations, the design duo brings character, warmth and a touch of high-end Italian style to your home!

Very often in collaboration with international craftsmen and photographers, Studio Servomuto is recognized for its special pieces bringing together the art itself and the functionality of the lighting design.

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"Character, warmth and a touch of upscale Italian style to your home!"