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Creation date
United Kingdom

The English brand BEEM derives its name from the common English name "beam" reminiscent of light rays and "beaming", an adjective used to describe a very wide and happy smile.

BEEM was created after a collaboration between award-winning industrial designer Samuel Wilkinson and LED lighting specialists: Chris Stimson and Bujar Shkodra. The English brand designs original and minimalist lights that are unlike any other on the market.

Indeed, the expansion of flexible filament LED technology to the market allows designers to pursue new directions and develop styles of impossible lamps. BEEM is the first lighting brand in the world to adopt this technological innovation.

Playful, design and contemporary, the house BEEM offers lighting handcrafted by experts from quality components to ensure their durability; and thus, light up the interiors for several years.

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"BEEM seeks to revolutionize luminaires through innovative solutions, combined with LED technology and pure forms"